The Nantucket Community Food Project

Project Goal

We teamed up with 100 Mile Makers and their new food hub, Pip & Anchor to launch the Nantucket Community Food Project because we believe

  • access to nutritious food should not be exclusive
  • producing food should not harm the planet

Our vision is a Nantucket food system that increases access to local products and provides our food insecure neighbors with the nutrition they need to be healthy and thrive.

Flawed Food System

Our current national food system is fundamentally flawed:

  • the food system generates excess supply while failing to meet needs
  • food security programs lack access to local, healthy food for marginalized communities

These inefficiencies put destructive pressure on environmental, social and economic systems. Nantucket’s local food system is no exception, but we can change that by better aligning local supply and demand to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.

The work

This collective group is working together to tackle food system issues on the island with the following goals:

  • Effectively address food insecurity & food waste
  • Provide greater and more cost effective access to local food
  • Increase resilient on-island food production


Hub Solutions

The following model shows how this collaboration is interwoven, and the role Process First plays.


By increasing island production, optimizing access to local food, and improving communication between stakeholders, we will achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Reduce food insecurity and improve population health
  2. Increase food system efficiency and reduce food waste
  3. Keep more money in the local economy
  4. Create a resilient and equitable local food supply chain

We believe that the food system isn’t fixed until everyone has the food they need to be healthy.

That means having a food system on the island that is interconnected, communicates efficiently, and can readily adapt to demand changes, now and into the future.