Strategize. Simplify. Solve.

Process First is a team of experts coming together to focus on solving pressing challenges within Food/Water, Energy/Climate, and Human Health/Performance. Our skilled team of collaborators include software developers, data scientists, supply chain analysts, behavior change experts, designers, and engineers.

We work with organizations to identify new ways
to solve old problems.

Strategy Development

Identify roadblocks and inefficiency to design processes that will support data driven decision making.

Process Design & Optimization

If we collect or create data, it must be accurate and useful. If we can’t act on the information, it becomes waste or noise.

Solution Design & Development

Quality data applied to an efficient process creates the foundation for the effective design upon which we build.

Operations Support

We can fill skill gaps, add bandwidth, or design systems for managing operations and data. 

What Can We Do For You?

Let us help tackle your most critical and challenging problems.