Matt Haffenreffer

Principal & team builder

I am an engineer, designer, builder and entrepreneur. My focus is major problems in food, health and climate. To support this mission, I started Process First LLC, a tech consulting firm focused on software, data, operations and supply chain. We use our industry specific experience and skills to bring scalable solutions to challenging problems.

Steve Johnson

Software Architect

I’m a full stack engineer and product developer. I’ve founded a company, built products from the ground up, developed a recurring revenue software business, and helped organizations grow through software and automation. I joined Process First in order to use my skills and experience to work on social issues including health, food, climate, privacy, and security.

Carol Lee, Ph.D.

Data Adviser

I am an Assistant Teaching Professor of Information Management at Northeastern University, and a researcher in the areas of business analytics, decision models and their impact on organizations and society. I advise the Process First team on their system sustainability through information management best practice and data integration.

Nat Quinn

Data Visualization Designer

I’m a designer working between data visualization and architecture. My work focuses on environmental justice and climate issues, emphasizing the power of understanding through visual experiences. At Process First I use data visualization to bring transparency to the true cost and impact of complex systems. 

Alex Judge

Food First Director

I am a systems thinker, data strategist, and builder. My last project was My Way Cafe, a comprehensive re-think of urban school food that I helped scale from pilot to over 50 schools in Boston. I joined Process First to continue the mission of using data and software to empower flexible and accessible food systems.

Ivan Todorov

Food First Product Manager

I am dedicated to solving problems in the food ecosystem using my skills in operations and analytics. I draw on experience from retail, transportation, and tech in order to bring a problem-solving mindset to this web of system challenges. Beginning in my native country of Bulgaria I have long been passionate about improving the inefficiencies within agriculture. This passion led me to joining Process First where I am the product manager for the Food First program.

Fuqian Gao

Food First Data Scientist

My name is Fuqian Gao. I’m a Data Scientist and System Analyst working within Process First on data models and system analytics. I studied Environmental Science and then pursued a dual Masters in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering. I use this background to inform Food First data models and farm-to-fork operations. Outside of work, I enjoy cooking for my family and friends and love to explore good food from local restaurants and markets.

Josh Trautwein

Food System & Strategy Adviser

Josh, is devoted to the science of social innovation and systems change. He is co-founder and CEO of About Fresh, a Boston-based company that partners with health systems to operate food retail, delivery, and payment technology that counters food insecurity. Their Fresh Connect debit card and analytic platform, built in partnership with Process First, has earned more than $3m in healthcare investment since 2019 to address patient food insecurity across Boston health systems.

Gabriella Mora

Food Policy & Equity AdvisEr

Gabriella, is a driven advocate and policy lover, passionate about young people, anti-racism, and community building. Gabriella played a key role in raising more than $1.5m of funds and built partnerships to support the Process First partnership with About Fresh to design and implement the Fresh Connect platform. She works with Process First on food policy and philanthropy, to guide our strategic partnerships.

Elise Gilchrist

Communications Director

I’m a marketing and communications specialist who focuses on issues surrounding food, sustainability, and conservation. I worked as the Director of Communications for a sustainable seafood company in New York as well as for environmental nonprofits abroad in Thailand and Mexico. I recently completed a Masters of Environmental Management degree from the Yale School of the Environment that focused on strategic environmental communication and sustainable food systems. I joined the Process First team to make a positive impact on the food system by effectively communicating our data-driven approach.

Josiah Baker-Connick

Strategy and Operations Consultant

I am an operations & project management specialist, designer and entrepreneur. I have led and managed both operations, and product development at multiple startups that range from E-Commerce to Oncology Telemedicine. My interests lie in health, human movement, and technology. I joined Process First to build creative technical solutions to complex problems.

Stephanie Losi

Director of Health Equity

I support the Process First team in developing digital solutions and key partnerships to reduce food insecurity and improve overall health in local communities. I partner with nonprofit and healthcare organizations to identify root cause drivers inhibiting access to healthy foods and develop solutions with key community stakeholders to increase access to local produce and healthy meals. I bring 13 years of experience in a variety of disciplines and healthcare organizations. Most recently, I worked for the Vice President of Mission and the Chief Medical Officer of Boston Medical Center as the Senior Manager of Mission Program Development. I partnered with all hospital departments and specialties to strategically develop, enhance, and implement new programs aimed at addressing social determinants of health.

Claire Thomas

Lead UX Designer

I am a human-centered User Experience designer with a background in business and research, and a passion for uncovering true psychological drivers and barriers. I research and design personalized digital products at Process First, collaborating with both clients and the development team to ensure the solutions are feasible, useful, and intuitive.

Aiperi Eldar

Junior Software Developer

I am a software developer and curious learner. I became a developer to solve education and environmental issues with technology. Now I’m even more passionate about diversity in tech and social innovation. Living in three different countries helped me develop strong skills to learn languages and cultures. My background informs how the code I write impacts people in ways that may often get overlooked. At Process First, I am excited to be working on platform development, building with Elixir and Phoenix.

Tom Monks

Software Developer

I’m a software developer with an extensive background in project management and a passion for data and continuous improvement. I’m driven by the idea of building software and processes to solve challenging problems and make a positive impact in the world. I joined Process First to build scalable solutions that make a big difference in conservation, food insecurity, and equitable access to healthy foods

Olivia D’Angelo

Data Scientist

I’m an analyst and data systems specialist with a passion for plants and cooking. I studied physics and philosophy before going back to school for a MS in Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning. Previous to joining the Process First team, I spent four years at a sustainability-oriented software startup as the Data Scientist and lead of the analytics team. I have five years of experience in Boston-based restaurants working in both a front of house and back of house capacity. I aim to use my experience and interest to foster transparency and reduce waste in the food system.

Kelly Steffen

Nantucket Community Food Project – Strategy and Operations

I am a systems thinker with a background in non-profit management, community building and food security. In response to Covid-19, I helped organize and facilitate operations that delivered food assistance to over one-thousand Nantucket residents on a weekly basis. With Process First I am helping lead a pilot on food sovereignty that employs solutions based on innovative technology and a community-lens.

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